How to Fold Different Socks?
One of the most easily overlooked elements of any person's wardrobe is their sock drawer.
Socks may be a relatively small article of clothing, but they have a huge bearing on your day-to-day life when you really stop to think about it.
Once you realize how much time you spend every day looking for socks - versus the amount of time it takes to fold them up neatly, thus eliminating that frustrating and sometimes stressful search - it's easy to see just how huge of an impact this simple act can have on your whole life.

These instructions can help anyone make their mornings a little less hectic by keeping your socks together and organized just the way you like them.

How to Fold Long Socks: Two Effective Methods

First Method (Most Common)

1. Lay a clean pair of matching socks on top of each other on a flat surface. Use the toes, heels, and cuffs to line them up as closely as possible.

2. Smooth out any lumps or folds in the socks. This simple step makes a huge difference in the neatness of the final product.
3. Hold onto the cuffs and fold them over the top of the length of the socks. You can adjust the length of the fold by adjusting how far you pull the cuffs towards the toes.

Second Method (For Neater Cuffs)

1. Start with clean matching socks on a flat surface. Line them up on top of each other, smooth them out, and point the toes towards you. The cuffs should be the farthest part of the sock from you.

2. Grab the cuffs and fold them one-third of the way towards the toes. Keep the socks smooth without worrying too much about the heel protruding; this is normal.

3. Take the toes and fold them one-third of the sock's length towards the cuffs, creating a slight overlap with the two folded ends.
4. Put your fingers inside the cuff to stretch out the elastic and widen the opening, allowing you to tuck the toes in. The end result should be a tidy squarish sock bundle.

How to Fold Socks the KonMari Way

Learn from Marie Kondo how to fold socks:

1. As in previous methods, begin with two matching socks layered on top of each other on a flat surface. Make sure to smooth them out and line them up.

2. Depending on the length of the socks, fold them either into halves or thirds.

3. Arrange the neatly folded bundle standing on its edge in your sock drawer. It becomes easier for all of your folded socks to stand upright once your drawer has been filled.
This makes it so much easier to see all of your footwear options while making efficient use of the space.

How to Fold Ankle Socks

1. Twist your socks so that the heel side is up, making sure to flatten out any folds or bumps.
2. Fold the cuff end over the top until it reaches the middle.
3. Do the same with the toe end, and tuck the toes into the sock.

Alternate Method (Saves Elasticity)
1. Place the socks on top of each other.
2. Take the toes of the top sock and roll them up to the cuffs.
3. Wrap the resulting roll with the bottom sock and tuck the toes in.

How to Fold Short Socks

How to Fold No Show Socks:

Although they obviously don't give you as much length to work with, it's still possible to manipulate short socks into a tidy bundle. These are the three different methods that work best for short socks.

First Method

1. As in previous techniques, place a pair of clean and matching socks on top of one another.
2. Smooth out any irregularities and fold them both in half.
3. Take hold of the outer sock and wrap it around the folded bundle.

Second Method

1. Place two matching socks on top of each other, taking care to line them up.
2. Starting at the toe, roll the socks all the way up to the cuffs.
3. Once this roll is complete, use the outer sock to wrap it around the resultant sock roll and secure the bundle for tidy storage.

Third Method

1. Stack a matching pair of socks on tops of each other, carefully lined up evenly.
2. Fold the two socks in half, and then fold that bundle in half again.
3. Using the outer sock, secure everything tightly and tidily. The main upshot of folding short socks this way is that the bundle is flatter and better for stacking, perfect for those with sock collections that border on the excessive.

How to Fold Dress Socks

Dress socks are particularly important to be careful with as they are generally made out of thinner, more fragile material. Besides the risk of stretching out the elastic, you can also run the risk of tearing or fraying the material if folding improperly or in a rush. It's always a good idea to leave yourself plenty of time to fold so that you don't have to go out and buy a brand-new pair. 

This is the best method to ensure that your dress socks last as long as possible while being kept in a tidy and efficient fashion.

1. Place both socks on a clear, flat surface where you have enough room to work with them.

2. Put one sock on top of the other and align them using the toes, the cuffs, and the heels. Smooth out any bumps or folds and make sure that it looks like there's only one sock sitting there.

3. Arrange the socks so that the heels are facing up and the toes are pointed towards you.

4. Begin folding the cuffs towards the toes approximately one-third of the length of the socks. Repeat this step, only this time bringing the toes back up in the direction of the cuffs, again bringing it one-third of the way up the sock's length.

5. Take the toes and carefully tuck them into the elastic of the folded cuff at the top of the socks. By this final step, you should end up with a pair of socks that resemble a flat square, perfect for stacking and neatly arranging in your favorite drawer.

How to Fold Socks Military Style

If there's one thing that the thought of military brings to mind, it's a strong focus on neatness and efficiency. It's no surprise then that folding socks military style is one way to keep them more organized than ever.
Luckily, you don't have to go through basic training just to learn how to fold socks in this simple but effective fold.

The main key to this method involves rolling your socks instead of folding them. This takes up considerably less space, which is ideal when packing your bags for that next big trip and trying to get everything to fit without having to check another suitcase entirely, which gets expensive fast.

1. With a clean pair of matching socks, lay them on top of the other on a flat surface.

2. Straighten out the socks as best you can until you can't see the bottom one at all.

3. To begin your fold, tuck the top cuff in slightly. Take the top sock's cuff and pull it down and in about one inch towards the bottom sock.

4. Roll the socks starting from the toes and working your way up from there. It's important to ensure that the roll stays as tight and firm as possible as this will determine the overall neatness and compactness in the end. Continue with this rolling process until you have reached the top of the socks.

5. Put one of your fingers into the outer cuff and pull this over and around the rolled-up bundle. If there are any loose parts left over, you can simply tuck those in. Once this final step is completed, you'll end up with socks that resemble small, tight rolls.
This is also a good way for folding socks for travel.

How to Store and Organize Socks - Bst Ways to Keep Them Intact

One of the biggest problems with socks is not being able to find the particular pair that you want - or that you can't even find a matching pair.
A large portion of this problem can be solved simply by clearing out all the old socks that you don't want to wear anymore. When you simply pay attention to which socks you wear and which ones you keep pushing to the back of the drawer, it will become clear right away which ones you can do without.

Luckily, there are countless easy ways to get rid of old socks besides putting them in a landfill. Homeless shelters are often in need of socks more than any other clothing item, and so donating your old pairs is an excellent option.
If your socks are a bit too holey and worn out to be worth donating, on the other hand, you might consider creating sock puppets out of them or finding another fulfilling art project to work them into.

As for keeping your socks alive and well for as long as possible, oftentimes the solution is simply to not fold or ball them up so rigorously. Just as people need a break from stress and tension, so too do our socks.
If they're constantly being stretched and pulled to their limits even when sitting inside your drawer, elastic will gradually start to loosen and holes will start to appear.
A happy sock is a sock that is treated well, and yours certainly deserve the best.